What’s cooking in the garden

Local Chefs

Through our “What’s Cooking in the Garden” program, we bring local chefs to our community and school gardens to share their passion and talents with our future farmers. Through the program, we are able to provide the full cycle of cultivation and preparation of natural, homegrown foods with a full farm-to-fork experience. Meet our Chefs here!

Chef Mayra.png

Chef Mayra Trabulse, CCC, CEC, PCEC

“When I cook, I do it with passion and purpose”

Chef Mayra brings a creative flair and a passion for food to her craft; combined with a strong business sense and engaging interpersonal skills. She is Vegan not only by profession, but by lifestyle. She is dedicated to performing culinary magic that will put unique flavors into your mouth with wholesome animal free and organic foods. She is known as “Dr. Flavor” by her Patrons and her Colleagues.

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“I am a Chopped Champ!”  

Growing up in Lancaster, NY, Scott Pajak could often be found in the kitchen – cooking chicken noodle soup and sauces with his grandparents, or helping his dad tend the grill and savoring the smoky aroma of barbecue.

In 1996, he moved to Las Vegas and enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, from which he received a bachelor’s of Culinary Arts Management in 2003.

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Chef Jodi.png

Jodi Paige, CCO, Chief Cheese Officer

“What’s the difference between Garden Club and Fight Club? You tell EVERYBODY about Garden Club!”  

A few seasons ago, Jodi and Garden Farms partnered to premiere her Las Vegan Green Community and Clark County Garden School Program inspired concept, the Grow Your Own Festival, to encourage the community by hosting all-day, hands on garden workshops, student farmers market, demos, chef stations, music and great food festival at Vegas Roots Community Garden.

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