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Garden farms foundation

Garden Farms Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, dedicated to enhancing garden programming in various underserved communities as well as schools from Pre-K through college campuses all across the Las Vegas valley. We work to enrich our community with farm-to-table events, educational curriculum, environmental awareness, art integration, nutrition education, farmers markets, produce donations and more. This, paired with hands-on garden lessons, provides the people of today access to the food security of tomorrow.


School gardens

Garden Farms Foundation has a vision of empowering children and their school community to understand that growing food is not only fun and rewarding, it instills the foundation of clean eating and food security. We also strive to ensure the proficiency of natural growing systems leading to the sustainability of our environment and the protection of our precious resources. School programming is comprehensive and includes: Chef Demonstrations, Nutritional Classes, Art Integration, Healthy Movement, Teaching Curriculum, Farmers Markets, Fundraising and more. Get information on how to become involved with our programs here:


Community Classes

Garden Farms Foundation supports our local community by creating hands-on teaching events at community gardens, libraries, churches, community centers, etc. that educate on the many topics of gardening: Growing, Composting, Fruit Tree Care, Pest Management, Sustainability and more. Learn more about our class offerings here:



Garden Farms Foundation hosts events to inspire a deeper connection to our garden spaces, and the growing culture of our community. Events include: Festivals, Yoga, Art Incorporation, Dinners, Volunteer Events, Fundraisers and many more. Discover more about our events here: