Healthy movement

Wellness, Fitness, & Yoga

What’s outside time without a little movin’ and groovin’?! Through our “Let’s Move” program, we bring farming and fitness together to create healthy movement activities for our community. We partner with fitness and wellness instructors to teach yoga and other age-specific exercise classes right in the heart of our outdoor garden spaces.

Are you a fitness or wellness instructor looking to share your expertise with our community? Contact us here!


MintnHoney Yoga makes yoga fun, easily accessible, and relatable. From health and wellness retreats, individual yoga sessions, to corporate team building classes, MintnHoney Yoga offers beginner yoga that every body type can confidently try and enjoy. 

The founder, Emily Rae, is a wanderlust soul, creative personality, and an eclectic entrepreneur, known as The Marketing Yogi.  Connect with a rad group on Facebook for “how-tos” and tutorials (@MintnHoney Yoga), or tune in to listen to "Living as a Yogi” through MintnHoney’s podcast.