Gardener's Notebook: Summer Review

With summer winding down, it is time to pause and reflect on this season’s garden. What worked and what did not? Which crops performed and tasted best? Which were disappointing? Next summer, will you grow more of one vegetable and less of something else? What about this season do you want to remember the next time around?



One simple way to keep track of things is to make a quick reference sheet. List the crops you grew this summer in one column, with a second column for comments (“delicious,” “early harvest,” “not my favorite,” “grow more of this next time.”) You may want to go into more detail, recalling the season’s weather patterns, the problematic shade cast by your neighbor’s tree, the helpful and harmful insects that visited your garden (or specific plants,) and any other factors that influenced your harvest.


File this information away until next summer, and then retrieve it when the time is right. Rereading your notes before you plant again will help you make better choices and overcome old mistakes. The important thing is to record your impressions now, when they are fresh in your memory. Don’t delay!