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The Trending Table Turmeric


Turmeric is a top trending spice in 2016, People Magazine reports. This orange root crop, which is closely related to ginger, is not typically grown in southern Nevada. (It prefers a tropical climate.) However, turmeric is widely available in powdered form and goes together with a number of homegrown crops. Try it with mint, onions, garlic, almonds, or chiles.


The popular Middle Eastern spice blend za’atar can be made with homegrown oregano and thyme. Traditionally, this blend is rounded out with toasted sesame seeds and sumac -- the dried, ground berries of Rhus coriaria. For a similar flavor complex, try experimenting with garden-grown substitutions like cilantro seeds (coriander) and dried lemon balm.


Traditionally, Hawaiian poké (pronounced POH-kay or POH-keh) is a no-frills salad of raw fish chopped into chunks. But, as reports, poké "can mean anything chunked, because poke comes from the verb for ‘to section, slice, or cut’ in Hawaiian language.” This technique of cutting ingredients into thick cubes can be applied to warm-season vegetables like squash, eggplant, and cucumbers. Poké is often served over rice, but zucchini is another common base.

Garden-fresh garnishes for poké included green onions and jalapeños. You can also experiment with herbal sauces and locally harvested spices. More on poké here and here.

Vanessa Portillo