Nature vs. Nurture

Sometimes the desire to control our garden environment leads us astray from the reality that we are really just trying to recreate nature. Just as a farmer does not tend the forest, natural cycles are always at work to create balance, which will happen in the garden without our help. If you find a healthy balance in your garden, ie: some bugs, some plants withering away, there is no need to reach for the spray bottle. At times, certain plants act as "trap crops" attracting all the pests, and in turn, keeping them away from the rest.

To attract beneficial predators to your garden, and beautify your growing space, spread wildflower mix into the corners and center of your bed. This will not only attract pollinators, but also predator insects who will feast upon those pesky pests. Spiders, Praying Mantises, Parasitic Wasps, Earwigs, Lady Bugs, and Tachinid Flies are just some of the beneficial predators you want in your garden. Certain flowers will either attract these predators, or the pests that will be hunted by those predators. Stick with a beautiful, organically grown mix and you can't go wrong.