Salad Bar for Sun Lovers

It's time to let go of the lettuce and embrace these late spring salad ingredients

So, maybe you're in the mood for a salad now that the weather has heated up, but all of the lettuce outside has turned bitter, gone to seed, or been scorched. There's not a tender leafy green in sight. When this happens, you can go shop around for a head of lettuce, or you can start with what you do have.

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Plan A Fall Garden Now

t's hard to believe, but fall planting time is just around the corner. Starting the planning process now will help you achieve a great cool-season garden. The first step is choosing your crops.

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Gardener's Notebook: Summer Review

One simple way to keep track of things is to make a quick reference sheet. List the crops you grew this summer in one column, with a second column for comments (“delicious,” “early harvest,” “not my favorite,” “grow more of this next time.”) You may want to go into more detail, recalling the season’s weather patterns, the problematic shade cast by your neighbor’s tree, the helpful and harmful insects that visited your garden (or specific plants,) and any other factors that influenced your harvest.

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Three Tips for Planting a Fall Garden

Summer crops: Should they stay or should they go? Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and other summer crops may produce a second harvest in fall. Yet these plants take up considerable space, which could instead be devoted to cool-season vegetables. Would you rather produce another round of tomatoes or a new plot of peas? If you can’t decide, try starting fall crops like lettuces and carrots under your sprawling summer plants, or allow the tomatoes etc. to stay in place until it is time to plant late crops like broccoli and cabbage.

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4 Common Mistakes That Organic Gardeners Make

Organic gardening errors are common even among experienced gardeners.  The good news is that most garden mistakes can be corrected. Being aware of and avoiding the most common mistakes can prevent a lot of headaches later.  Avoiding common mistakes in the first place can give you a healthier and faster producing garden. Here are four common organic gardening mistakes that you can easily avoid.

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