Our STory


We have always had a passion for the cultivation of clean, organic food. Our garden space attracted neighbors and friends, who would continually ask for advice. After helping many friends in their gardens, and seeing the joy they felt in successfully growing their own food, we decided to take our passion and years of experience to the masses.  

In 2010, Garden Farms of Nevada was born with the mission of helping communities and people learn how to grow their own food in their own space, with the benefit of learning to grow sustainably in the harsh southwest desert. We started with just a few clients teaching them how to grow and helping them tend their gardens. After we saw the need for this type of service “grow”, we knew the only way to really make a long term impact on the community was to teach children the importance of gardening. Through collaborative effort with Clark County School District and many others, we have successfully built and continue to build, over 170 school gardens all across the Las Vegas valley.

After 7 years of learning and growing, we were drawn to community outreach, in particular the call for clean food to underserved populations and garden education as food security for growing children. In May of 2017, the Garden Farms Foundation was born. This Non-Profit Organization has been the driving force for helping schools build and maintain gardens through the support of the community.  

Now almost 9 years after its inception, Garden Farms of Nevada leads the industry in Southern Nevada as the most comprehensive urban farming company. Our mission remains the same: To empower people to grow their own food. Our employees and farmers love their job as they make an important impact on the community. Garden Farms of Nevada will continue to support the “growing” need for food cultivation in the southwest desert. We are very grateful to the many folks who have joined us in this movement, and we’re looking forward to continuing to grow together.

Bryan Vellinga - CFO (Chief Farming Officer)