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Garden farms foundation

Garden Farms Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, dedicated to enhancing garden programming in various underserved communities as well as schools from Pre-K through college campuses all across the Las Vegas valley. We work to enrich our community with farm-to-table events, educational curriculum, environmental awareness, art integration, nutrition education, farmers markets, produce donations and more. This, paired with hands-on garden lessons, provides the people of today access to the food security of tomorrow.


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Garden Farms Foundation hosts events to inspire a deeper connection to our garden spaces, and the growing culture of our community. Events include: Festivals, Yoga, Art Incorporation, Dinners, Volunteer Events, Fundraisers and many more. Discover more about our events here.


What’s Cooking in the Garden?

Local Chefs

Through our “What’s Cooking in the Garden” program, we bring local chefs to our community and school gardens to share their passion and talents with our future farmers. Through the program, we are able to provide the full cycle of cultivation and preparation of natural, homegrown foods with a full farm-to-fork experience.

Color Our World

Local Artists

Through art integration in outdoor garden programs, our garden community is able to bring a creative connection between abstract and physical creation. Tapping into the essence of growing food as art, we collaborate with expressive art and participate in painting, mural art, drawing etc. using different mediums from paint to soil.


How We Grow

Nutrition Classes

Through partnerships with expert nutritionists in the community, we provide hands-on nutrition classes to  students in both our youth-based and adult-based garden programs. With the obesity epidemic on the rise, information on eating clean and healthy has become an integral part of our educational mission, and creates a home for the “why” of food cultivation.


Planting Seeds for our Future


Garden education does not end in the garden. Partnering with the Nevada Department of Agriculture and members of the Clark County School District, we are able to provide enriched curriculum to teachers, which then engage the students in further exploration in their own classroom setting. Covering various gardening topics through lessons in math, reading, social studies and writing, the curriculum develops an enriched sense of understanding and is provided by the professionals who know our children’s learning styles best.


Grow With Us

Sponsorships & Partnerships

It takes a community to grow our gardens, and we couldn’t have done this great work without YOU! We are ever-grateful for all of our amazing sponsors, partners, and donors that support our school and community garden programs.


Healthy Movement

Local Wellness, Fitness, & Yoga

What’s outside time without a little movin’ and groovin’?! Through our “Let’s Move” program, we bring farming and fitness together to create healthy movement activities for our community. We partner with fitness and wellness instructors to teach yoga and other age-specific exercise classes right in the heart of our outdoor garden spaces.