School Gardens Gaining Traction in Southern Nevada

According to, urban farms can be as simple as traditional small outdoor community gardens or as complex as indoor vertical farms, but, regardless, the trend is changing where we get our food and improving attitudes about gardening and farming, particularly in urban areas. 


According to Norm Schilling, President of Las Vegas-based Schilling Horticulture Group, developing a love and appreciation for farming and gardening is ideally cultivated with the young, so schools are the ideal place to introduce kids to the idea of growing their own food.


“Teaching children how to grow their own food and getting them excited and interested in gardening is not just a trend, it’s a way of life, and we are excited with all the advances being made in Las Vegas right now,” said Schilling, who also hosts KNPR’s popular Desert Bloom program and is regarded as Southern Nevada’s favorite gardener.  

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Vanessa Portillo