How We are different

Garden Farms is the only licensed contractor in the Las Vegas valley that is exclusively focused on building vegetable gardens, orchards, and creating edible landscapes. From completely natural & organic growing practices, irrigation installation, organic soil blends including a vegan option, permaculture practices and water-efficient methods, Garden Farms creates aesthetically appealing gardens that recreate a nature feel and a healthy, clean garden environment.

Farmers will help with the maintenance of your garden and provide lessons weekly or biweekly, teaching you how to grow in your own space. 

We believe that growing in our environment shouldn’t place a burden on our resources, and through that, we use regenerative practices with an emphasis on sustainability and permaculture technique. All gardens are customizable, all products are organic, and no chemicals are used.

Meet the Team

how we give back

Garden Farms has a non-profit side that works with schools and communities, helping to create garden programming which caters to a specific populations including curriculum, nutrition, culinary, art, health, business and more.

Garden Farms Foundation works with business partners and community members like yourself to bring further awareness, involvement and local support to the garden programs who need it most.

We believe that many hands make light work, and thrive off of community support to provide this education system of clean eating, a balanced environment and food security to underserved communities and schools in our city.

We could not do our work without our supportive community members, and we are ever-grateful for the bonds we form with the helping hands that grow with us.